Indian Premier League (IPL) has evolved new era in cricket

Back in the time, cricket was a passion in India, like in 1983 when Kapil Dev and his team won the Cricket World Cup. The Indian underdog cricketers of the tournament lately became the dark horses at Lords. West Indians tended to rule the cricket in those days. Even the best of the batsmen looked upon the Windies pace battery with awe. Test cricket too was full of passion and interest back then. Now it can be argued if test cricket is necessary at all in this superfast era. The 20-20 matches have rather opened new opportunities for the youngsters now. Nowadays money and politics are spoiling the true essence of cricket. Though now there are a good number of players and not a handful of great players in cricket which is good.

In present days, the image of cricket as ‘gentleman’s game’ is long gone despite some exceptions like Sachin Tendulkar. The days of test cricket are almost over. The all-rounder heroes of 80’s like Ian Botham, Richard Hadlee, Imran Khan and Indian’s champion Kapil Dev were the exceptional sparks. In reality, now India lacks that pure spirit, leadership and enthusiastic patriotism that KapilDev initiated. The 1983 World Cup is still the biggest achievement in the history of Indian Cricket.

IPL, since its birth in 2008, has aroused a lot of controversies. Huge ones were created when its chairman got sacked and a Union Minister lost his post. IPL has glamourized cricket and the very fabric of cricket has been redesigned. Cricket is now controlled by money and power as well. This political inclusion has changed the spirit of cricket hugely in India. Also, the public viewing of cricket has changed a lot. Cinemas have opened the opportunity to watch cricket even in the theatres. Whether the change is positive or negative, it’s irrevocable. May be people will even witness cricket as indoor game as well! Cricket emerged as a passion for Indians in the 80’s and now shorter version of cricket has made a huge change.

Cricket faced criticism as a very time-consuming game. Somehow 20-20 matches have brought up a bright side to this problem. It has to be decided yet that how far IPL will help in national integration as cricket itself is a national game. Money controls cricket is BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world. Cricket is now in the deadly grasp of the powerful mixture of money, glamour and politics. This undoubtedly entertains common people but businessmen are counting huge profit through it. It’s a question that to what extent this profit economy will remain. Surely IPL isn’t just a glamorous waste benefiting only some rich people, it could be used positively to find resources in the game.

Cricket must survive with or without IPL and sustain its genuine spirit and sportsmanship. The cricketers and BCCI should mold cricket to a greater level to bring back its real essence. IPL can be channelized properly to bring to bring sweet fruits to all.

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