Things that you should know about Baseball Uniforms

A proper baseball uniform includes different parts – jerseys, pants, caps, vests, socks, shoes and gloves. Different teams have their own different logos and colors on their uniforms.

Here are some details about these parts of baseball uniforms.

Batting helmet –The batter wears this helmet to protect his ears and head from the ball. Professional batting helmets have a single ear-protector as per the player’s active hand (left or right-handed). The amateurs and juniors use ear-protectors for both ears to stay safe from loose balls.

Catcher’s helmet – The catcher wears this special helmet with a face-mask. The latest version of this helmet comes with a complete integrated mask and helmet, similar to the hockey goalie mask. The traditional one comes with a separate mask, worn over the helmet, similar to the batting helmet but without any ear-protector.

Cap – This unique fashion of baseball came during mid-1800 when all gentlemen used to cover their heads once they’re outside. The fashion remains same till days with a unique touch of team’s logo or nickname, or the home city initials. The under brim has also been changed – earlier it was green, then light grey and now it’s black.

Jersey – During the 1970-80s, pullovers were used as jerseys. Then came the button-front shirts. Nowadays even zipper-front shirts are used as jerseys. The home jerseys have a simple chest logo, whereas solid-colored alternate jerseys are used by the junior players.

Pant – The baseball pants don’t require specific height monitoring. The players can wear the pants as per their comfort.

Socks – Since there’s no height-bar in the baseball pants, so players can fashion their socks as they wish. These could be worn both as high-cuffed and low-cuffed. Also, they can fashion socks with solid-colors or stirrups.

Shoes – The players have full freedom to customize their shoes, even the colors, as per their preferences. Though now only black-colored shoes are used by all baseball players as a universal shade. Black easily matches any shade of uniforms and also gives a great foundation to the other parts of the uniforms.

In baseball, the players are scattered all over the field with different assignments, making it confusing to the audience to identify them. That’s why it’s mandatory for every player to wear a customized uniform for their unique identification. Not only these customized uniforms identify individual players, but also make them popular and celebrity among their fans who try to copy their styles.

Some important things one must keep in his mind while going for customizing baseball uniforms for his team members. Such as –

  • Name of the team –All jerseys must have the unique team name.
  • Colors – Choose such colors that will match the players’ personalities and also set them unique.
  • Team logo – Get a perfect team logo on the uniforms.
  • Fonts – Smartly choose the proper fonts that fit the team’s attitude.
  • Simplicity – Less is more! Always keep the designs elegant still simple.
  • Proper fabric – Choose stretchable, lightweight, wicking fabric so that the players feel comfortable.

You can also take inspiration from league teams to customize the perfect baseball uniforms.

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